12 YEARS BUSINESS with 3 contract for 18 months PAYMENT WELCOME

email will be answer on [email protected] PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED - YOU CAN PAY 50% UP FRONT AND THE REST AFTER 30 DAYS is an established business for the past 12 years,we build it from scratch since 1999 step by step and finely got it to the top by 2010. for the first 6 years we collected information on how to advertise and were, we got to know our vendors and our costumers.we are currently using 2 main vendors(the best in he market) and we have more then 10,000 customers in our list. we are now specializing in developing brand new websites,finding the right domain name for our costumers and advertising( SEO,PPC,etc...) the web site is making between $2,000-2,500$ monthly witch is a steady income duo to our permanent costumers,we have currently 3 established costumers and we made a new contract with them for the next 18 month, the new owner will have a steady income of at list 2000$ monthly for the next 18 months we have now decided to sell the website duo to my retirement. the new owner will receive the following: # the domain name # web site that connected to the domain name (as it appears in this add) # established costumer list plus 10,000 costumer list. # outsource company guaranty to work with the new owner of the site at under same terms and conditions. # training for as long as needed ,how to work with the site and advertising. all the work will be made by outsource company all you have to do is to transfer the information from the customers directly to the outsource company. right now the site host with server in Australia (its the outsource company server) most of our work you can see on our portfolio (some on the site on the portfolio was made by us and some we only did the logo or SEO or PPC) you have guaranty for the next 18months income from the 3 contract customers $2000. email will be answer on [email protected]

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23-03-2011 100 860 1 $4000

Price Request : $36000
Email contact : info [at]

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