DROP-SHIP No Need Inventory $3,000 NET INCOME

NO NEED TO CARRY INVENTORY EVERYTHING CAN BE DROP SHIP DIRECTLY FROM THE SUPPLIERS more then 1500 Products Are Drop Ship From 1 Website WITH 5,000 CUSTOMERS LIST DATABASE the income is average of $10,000+ every month and after deducting the products cost, the shipping and advertising the NET PROFIT $3650+ every month by using drop ship only. in this website we invest more then 2k only on the website and the back office (the admin area so you can change the pic prices etc...) and the back office including with the price. Part-Time Job with Full-Time income, right now we spending around 30min-1 hour per day filling orders.everything is done online. (maybe 1-2 emails a week) Domain: (good SEO domain name) we paid for this domain more then $500 (its premium domain) all the advertising Techniques will be transfer to the new owner. its a simple mathematics every day i have 100 visitors and from 100 visitors i have between 2-5 orders a day from each order i have between $25-$50 profit so if you want to calculate the profit its WITH 5,000 CUSTOMERS LIST DATABASE $50 profit * 3 orders a day (average) = $150 profit every day $150 profit a day * 31 days = $4650 profit $4650 profit - $1000 expanses for advertising = $3,650 NET PROFIT. THE MORE YOU ADVERTISE THE MORE ORDERS YOU WILL HAVE AND ORDERS=MONEY. with this deal the new owner will have : * website * Domain *Admin Area (back office) * 250 suppliers for each products (Electronics, Jewelry, Baby clothes, GPS, Massage Chair, jewelry, Hair Accessory, Cameras, LCD TVs, Car Stereo, Key Chain, hair straighteners and much more. *Customers list 5,000 CUSTOMERS LIST DATABASE *1800 Number *Support as much as you need as long as you need it, I'll be Available all most 24 hour by email, Skype, MSN even by phone. The Website Links With : *Google Listed 1350 *Yahoo Listed 40 *Bing Listed 18 *AOL Listed 3 For More Information Contact Me : [email protected] (888)-501-1062 ask for David

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01-02-2011 100 680 1 $3000

Price Request : $5200
Email contact : onepackagedeal [at]

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