Terms and conditions

‪The service
Tradeyourwebsite.com is a "showcase" online offering a service of websites sale. The service is offered through a platform in which ads are selling websites allowing the seller and the buyer to meet, negotiate and finalize the transaction.

Why Tradeyourwebsite.com ?

Free ads, no expiration limit, direct contact between buyer and seller, hundreds of potential buyers each month.

How it works
In Tradeyourwebsite.com homepage the Web sites are listed for sale with a description that the seller decides to provide such as website address, category of site, site traffic, presence on the search engine, page rank, minimum price, asking price and other details. Once the potential buyer has acquired all the necessary information, can contact the seller and start trading up to a possible definition of the purchase of the website choosen.

The Premium Service
Once the payment has been made, in Tradeyourwebsite.com homepage and in all pages on the list of ads, the websites will be listed in descending order by creation date (last-in-first-out method). These ads are out for a period of 30 days. Once the Premium period has expired the sales ad remains visible within the TradeYourWebsite.com platform. In case that the payment has been made but the ad does not meet the listing criteria set out in the section "liability", TradeYourWebsite.com reserves the right to partially reimburse the payment received referred on that ad.
The Premium Service cost
The Premium Service for website or domain name, has a fixed cost of $9.90 tax included. There is not additional fee in the Premium Service.
Trial version on Premium Service
Trial version is free for 10 days. After this period there is not purchase obligation.

Tradeyourwebsite.com is relieved from any liability referred on content of selling ads of web sites as they are placed by third parties. Tradeyourwebsite.com is unable to carry out a comprehensive quotation of the websites content so that they could be inaccurate, objectionable, indecent or false. Tradeyourwebsite.com is a technical intermediary and is not responsible for the content of ads and data sheets compiled by the sellers. Tradeyourwebsite.com is exempted from liability caused by damages that may arise from the use made of this site. In order to place ads on Tradeyourwebsite.com:

  • must be the owner of Web site for sale or assignee of domain names to be transferred or have the written permission of the owner / assignee to sell / transfer;
  • provide truthful information;
  • must hold the rights to use the domain names of Web sites put up for sale;
  • it is strictly forbidden to advertise the sale of websites with child pornography, adult, racist, violent, viruses, hazardous material and illegal contents.
Tradeyourwebsite.com reserves the right to delete the ads and the text on its option and judgement. In particular, we reserve the right to remove any material it deems detrimental to the image of themselves and others.